Starting in 1996, PDM has designed and developed inventory control, order processing, production control and distribution solutions for customers ranging from small, privately-owned companies to giant, Fortune 500 corporations. With growth fueled by satisfied customers, PDM has established solid relationships with its strategic partners. PDM’s warehousing focus is in the storage and handling of both food-grade and non food-grade products and can provide virtually every warehouse and shipping service you may require.

PDM is an “AA” rated BRC certified food grade packaging company. With complete tracking & control, PDM can source containers, corrugated products and other materials needed for the packaging process from top vendors across the country.

PDM provides personalized warehousing solutions for clients with short and long term needs and can support both B2B & B2C customers. We receive inventory in our distribution centers, verify shipment accuracy, unpack, inspect for damage and initiate fulfillment or storage activities immediately

Cross-Docking is an effective solution used to improve transportation service to customers and reduce handling and storage costs. Located only 40 miles from one of the United States’ busiest interstate highway intersections, PDM can surely meet your transportation goals.

PDM offers a variety of flexible Pick & Pack services for both B2B & B2C customers. We can pick, pack and ship customer orders, including customized packaging, inserts, and promotional literature.

We currently operates around 1 million square feet of warehouse space and maintain a staff with extensive knowledge in all areas of the warehousing and the distribution business.

Assisting Our Customers With Achieving Strategic Market Objectives

PDM provides a quality distribution and fulfillment operation with a highly reliable and cost effective warehouse management system. We supply 3rd party supply chain management for customers looking for a high return on logistics investments.

PDM handles a wide variety of products in our warehouses, and all facilities operate to food grade standards. Our Inventory Management Software has been designed to provide flexible inventory and billing processes and allows us to maintain complete control of your products.

Our inventory software allows us to do the following:

  • Track product by lot codes, serial numbers, expiration dates or other identifiers.
  • Track multiple units of measure for any given item.
  • Assign groups of product to be ‘kitted’ for shipment. We can track each item in the kits with complete accuracy.
  • Handle recalls quickly and efficiently. 
  • Tag specific locations to products.

All of the above is accomplished with clear and concise reporting to provide easy to follow audit trails.

PDM completes the warehousing process by taking pictures of all products that leave our facilities. It is one last way for us to offer our customers with exceptional service. We will load the trailer properly and have a picture to prove it!

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Come to Expect Top Notch Warehousing Services!

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  • Accurately Pick Orders
  • Per Pallet & Sq Ft Pricing
  • Low Monthly Minimums
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