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PDM provides a wide range of products outside its packaging, warehousing, and transportation divisions that provide customers with time & cost saving alternatives to traditional options. We also partner with other industry leading companies to create innovative solutions and new ideas that help improve service or introduce new products to market.

ReadySet Tote
ReadySet Totes are used for the safe transport of powders, liquids, chemicals, dyes, paints, foods, and concentrates and have been designed to provide a leading edge bulk packaging solution in terms of weight, capacity, assembly speed, protection, economy and recycling ability.

Next Day Corrugated Box Shipments
PDM is one of the premier box suppliers in the United States and we currently supply our customers with over 2,000,000 boxes annually. PDM offers next day service from Minnesota down to Texas, custom product lines, and strapping services for all corrugated material.

Homestead Farms
PDM sells vegetable oil products using our in-house brand, Homestead Farms, and offers an array of services to enhance products including blending, packaging & labeling, and included additives.

Private Labeling
PDM is a leader in providing custom manufacturing and private labeling products. We are BRC Certified with the ability to offer a large range of products including food grade products, industrial chemicals, household cleaners, animal feed and many more.

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