Company History

PDM was founded in 1996 by Patrick DeMouth as a small trucking company in Des Moines, Iowa, and has since evolved into a diverse operation consisting of packaging, warehousing, transportation and product distribution. Patrick’s entrepreneurial spirit has been evident since the beginning and the flexibility found at PDM has kindled its growth and success. To this day “no” is not an answer at PDM.

In the beginning, PDM specialized in dedicated route delivers. PDM would receive truckloads of product and then break the product down to multiple delivery locations. Our freight consisted of shoes, magazines, electronics and several other types of products for just-in-time delivery. We continue to maintain this type of freight business, but we have expanded into other areas of business.

PDM purchases its first warehouse

In 1997, PDM ventured into the warehouse market by purchasing its first building in Boone, Iowa. After several successful years in the warehouse business, PDM decided to expand the amount of space it had available. In 1999, PDM purchased a 150,000 square foot building in Des Moines, Iowa, which it still owns and operates today. In addition, PDM has expanded its warehouse space in Des Moines as well other communities including Ellsworth, Iowa; and Boone, Iowa. Currently, PDM operates around 1 million square feet of property.

Expansion into food grade packaging & private label programs

In 1999, PDM acquired a food grade packaging company in Des Moines, Iowa. This officially moved PDM into another business market as PDM got its feet wet in packaging vegetable oil, and what started as a single load of oil per month has turned into a key business unit for PDM. Our company now packages millions of pounds of oil annually and can be shipped in virtually any sized container from 2,100 pound bulk totes down to small 1 ounce sample bottles. PDM has the ability to package all types of oil and we currently package soybean, canola, olive, and sunflower oils and a few other varieties and special blends.

Since entering the packaging market we have applied our extensive knowledge of food grade products to expand into industrial and animal feed packaging. We offer an extensive private label program and currently package several national product lines. Whether it is a household cleaner, dry wood putty product or retail sized animal feed packaging, PDM finds a custom solution for its customers.

ReadySet Tote & Custom Corrugated Materials

Along the way, PDM became a manufacturer and distributor for several products including the ReadySet Tote and Custom Corrugated Material. The ReadySet Tote bulk container is used to hold large volumes of liquid and is a very reliable and cost effective way to store and transport liquid products. Our Custom Corrugated Material is a result of extensive warehousing and transportation expertise and has developed into an efficient, just-in-time service model for heavy usage corrugated customers.

Customers will always come first

PDM has evolved since its opening in 1996, but we will never forget what has made us successful. PDM will continue to offer our customers outstanding service and provide flexible and value-added solutions for new and existing customers alike. Contact us today and find out why our customers have been so loyal to us!

What can PDM do for you?

  • Package Product
  • Warehouse Product
  • Deliver Product

PDM will provide exceptional customer service and a complete packaging solution!