ReadySet Tote

Intermediate bulk containers (aka IBC, IBC tote, or pallet tank) are used for the safe transport of powders, liquids, chemicals, dyes, paints, foods and concentrates. The ReadySet Tote is an IBC that has been designed to provide a leading edge bulk packaging solution in terms of weight, capacity, assembly speed, protection, economy and recycling ability. The bottom line? ReadySet Tote can save you money, help manage your warehouse space more effectively, and make the most of your manpower.

Saving Costs

ReadySet Tote corrugated board components are carefully matched to combine maximum strength with minimum weight. This means lower freight receiving and freight out costs. Freight costs are for the product, not the container.

Saving Time

A ReadySet Tote can be assembled by one person. The auto bottom is glued to the tote and simply folds into position during setup. The liner gives accurate, automatic placement of the valve every time.

Saving Worry

Rest easy when you use a ReadySet Tote. It has been tested and certified against ISTA standards and meets all the requirements of the National Motor Freight Classification Board for non- hazardous liquids and powders (Package No. 2500).

Saving Manpower

ReadySet Totes are designed to be user friendly with minimum components and an automatic bottom. Assembly, handling, and discharge of even the largest container can easily be performed by one person, helping you optimize the productivity on your factory floor.

Saving Space

A ReadySet Tote is delivered in a convenient knock-down form, thus saving on storage space. When assembled it delivers 275 gallons.

Saving Your Contents

RST’s octagonal shape helps spread the weight of its contents which minimizes bulge in transit and maximizes protection. RST’s revolutionary form fitting Barrier Film is provided on a cassette, which eliminates voids during filling. In addition, the ReadySet Tote has a full 2″ Buttress NPT thread discharge which allows more choice of valves to effect evacuation. RST’s design allows the customer to choose where the discharge flange is located (e.g. on a corner, protected by the pallet, or on the open side of the pallet).

Saving the Environment

There are only four components in the ReadySet Tote. They are all recyclable, so you can either sell the corrugated board and Barrier Film for recycling or send them through your waste stream to be disposed in a non-toxic landfill.

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