Dynamic Industrial Processes

PDM has built its reputation as a leading packaging company in the food grade industry. We are experts in designing and implementing processes to carry over into a variety of industries and have transferred our food grade packaging experience to industrial packaging lines that employ our core Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

Our 1,000,000+ square feet of production and warehouse space provides the flexibility to package a wide variety of both dry and liquid industrial products including glycerin, wood putty, grass fertilizers, biodiesel additives and hay preservatives. We own many different types of packaging lines and we have the resources to design and implement packaging lines specific to your product if we do not have one already in place.

PDM prides itself in offering a full-service packaging operation:

  • PDM will trace all aspects of the packaging process
  • PDM will purchase all raw materials and packaging material
  • PDM will package your product
  • PDM will warehouse your finished product
  • PDM will ship your finished product to your customers 

PDM makes the packaging process simple for our packaging partners. We are a one stop shop for all of your needs. Just give PDM a chance and we will show you what excellent service is!


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