Animal Feed Packaging

PDM applies the same standards to our animal feed packaging division as we do our food grade division. We have established Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for each of the processes in the packaging cycle that are utilized for both the agriculture livestock industry as well as the domestic pet food market. PDM maintains the equipment to package both dry and liquid products and can formulate and blend finished products to meet customer specifications. The size of the package does not matter. We can fill everything from 1 ton Super Sacks down to small one ounce sample bags.

Dry Goods

  • Trans-Loading
  • Super Sacks
  • Heat sealed bags
  • Sewed bags
  • Valve filled bags

Liquid Goods

  • Bulk totes & drums
  • Wholesale sized containers including 5 Gallon and 2.5 Gallon Pails
  • Retail sized bottles from 8 oz to 1 gallon bottles
  • Sample bottles from 1.75 oz to 4 oz bottles

Whether your product is for agriculture livestock or household pets we have the knowledge and expertise to package your product. We have experience in filling the following types of animal feed products:

Packaged Product Types

  • Grain Based Livestock Feed
  • Dry Pet Food
  • Specialized Animal Ingredients both Dry and Liquid
  • Antioxidants
  • Preservatives

Packaging Lines

  • Ribbon Blenders
  • Tri-Blenders
  • Baggers
  • Scale Heads
  • Heat Jacketed Stainless Steel Mix Tanks of Various Sizes
  • Hot Rooms and Refrigerated Rooms
  • And More

Why PDM for Packaging?

  • Full Service Solution
  • BRC Certified Facility
  • Lab Services
  • Quality Driven
  • Responsive & Respected
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