Whether the product is dry or liquid, PDM has a solution. Our Iowa locations offer reliable packaging and transloading centers well-equipped to provide short-term storage for packaged goods.

We apply the same standards to our transloading division as we do our food grade packaging division and have established Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for each of the processes in the packaging cycle. PDM provides the efficient transfer to or from railcars and trucks from super sacks, semi bulk bags and sea bulk containers, and you would be hard-pressed to find a container that we do not accept. Our on-site packaging process ensures that all products leave the company warehouse safe and contaminate-free.

PDM’s processes enable customers to optimize efficiency for their domestic and international bulk shipments. We deliver an excellent combination of personnel, processes and equipment guaranteed to safeguard the integrity of your product, combat rising costs, meet ever-tightening timelines, and better compete in today’s challenging marketplace.

PDM performs transloading services for customers throughout the United States while providing 1 million square feet of warehouse space throughout the Midwest . No matter the challenges, PDM finds a way to meet your needs.


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