Homestead Farms

PDM operates an “AA” rated BRC food grade packaging facility in Boone, Iowa, which specializes in the packaging and blending of vegetable oils. PDM has the expertise and knowledge to formulate a product to meet our customer’s needs. We have established relationships with the leading producers of all types of vegetable oils.

In addition to blended oils, we also have the equipment to include additives such as antioxidants to improve the quality of your product. Our goal is to supply customers with the most effective product for their application.

PDM Owns its own In-House Brand

PDM sells vegetable oil products using our in-house brand, Homestead Farms. This brand has been established for over 10 years and has become recognized as a quality product. However, if you would rather use your own brand, we have partnered with many Private Labeling operations throughout the years and would love to discuss future ventures.

PDM continuously strives to maintain an excellent reputation for the delivery of exceptional products. We are committed to becoming a source of strength for our customers and providing a true partnership in the development and growth of their businesses.

Why PDM for Packaging?

  • Full Service Solution
  • BRC Certified Facility
  • Lab Services
  • Quality Driven
  • Responsive & Respected

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